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Dealing with difficult people

Dealing with difficult people is a part of every job, every designation !

Leaders spend precious time and resources to manage the minds of the people in their teams.

That means managing emotions of the people. Emotions give rise to so many thoughts.

It calls for one to be aware of their own emotions, thoughts & subsequent feelings.

Thoughts is what really bring up deep emotions and reactions to most situations.

Most people have had to deal with either a difficult boss, a difficult colleague or a difficult team member at some point of time in the careers.

What attributes to this ?

Could be different life experiences, different cultures, different expectations or low emotional intelligence.

The following can be of help.

1) Being aware of your own emotions & the thoughts that come up when dealing with a difficult person.

2) This awareness helps in not getting triggered or biting the bait while dealing with them.

3) An Empathic approach can often diffuse the situation quickly.

4) Often people are simply seeking validation and recognition for their contribution. If given at the appropriate time it can bring lot more loyalty and less discord among team members.

5) If the situation continues immediate action is required to nip this in the bud.

Speaking to the team leader or the higher authority can help to resolve this.

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