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Inner Harmony

Harmony within is the primary requisite for any Transformation.

Conflicts within stops us from moving forward exponentially.

Harmony not only creates the balance within but also creates a ripple effect in our ecosystem catapulting both our Professional & Personal growth.

Harmony within can happen with daily meditation, breath work, connecting to nature, & a productive routine.

What can also help, is having deep insightful Coaching Conversation with your Coach to find solutions for your unique circumstances, from deep within, by connecting to your latent resources.


Find a comfortable place to sit,

You may look out of your window, into nature, the mountains beyond or even a tree.

Fix your gaze on any of the above and breathe in deeply and slowly exhale...

One more time breathe in deeply and slowly exhale making it as long and slow as you can...

One more time deeply inhale and slowly let out your breath...

Start becoming aware of how each breath comes into your body and the same breath leaves it in the very next moment...

Just like the breath that comes and goes, every situation that comes up passes away.

Observe this for the next few breaths inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly, till you

begin to experience a calm settle within you...

It may be repeated twice a day, to feel the calm & serenity. Remind yourself this too shall pass.

Nature has withstood generations of challenges and continues to stand tall, keep your gaze on its majestic beauty and soak in bliss.

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